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Directed by David Au

Cast: Angie Rhee, Nick Molari, Peter Liu

June, an Asian-American senior, spends her night consuming news reports of anti-Asian hate crimes. Over the next few days, she spends each morning making an elaborate lunch and leaving her house with it. However, each time she leaves, she is greeted with microaggressions from the people around her. Retreating home to bed, she stumbles upon viral videos showcasing professional face-slapping competitions. She finds strength in the videos, and begins practicing. One day, after a man degrades her in a flower shop, June lets out all her bottled-up rage by slapping him just like the videos, then hitting him repeatedly with a bouquet of flowers. Horrified at her actions, she leaves and visits the hospital, where it’s revealed that she’s been making lunch for her husband, who was the victim in an earlier news report. After he asks why she has flowers in her hair, she must reconcile what she’s done with the release it’s finally given her.

Writer: David Au, Mark Neal
Producer: Joyce Liu-Countryman
Director of Photography: Maximilian Schmige
Editor: David Au
Production Designer: Masha Lyass
Composer: Howard Ho
Sound Designer: Jeff Phaklides
Music: Howard Ho

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Stories about summer vacation-attempts. gregarious Pilipina aunties, mental wellness, a Nisei brother and sister who set off on an adventure, and more. These are stories of connection that lasts through generations. 

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Regal L.A. LIVE

Sat, May 13
12:00 pm