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Directed by Hrishi Bardhan

Cast: Anahita Singh, Kannan Menon, Nitin Madan, Sahir Mir, Victoria Joliddie

As her family packs up their house to move, Anita’s focus is on the grave she’s digging in the yard. She worries about the haunting consequences of not giving her late pet bird Iris a peaceful goodbye. Inside the house is full of commotion. Anita’s grandfather, Thakurda, argues with her father on the selling of her late grandmother’s chair. Thakurda boils in anger, claiming his right to keeping the chair and emphasizing the injustice of her father’s disregard of his wishes. Meanwhile, Thakurda is also upset at Anita for burying Iris rather than cremating her as respected in Hinduism. A rift with Anita’s neighbor prevents her from burying Iris properly, thus resorting to actions she did not want to pursue.

Writer: Hrishi Bardhan
Producer: Olivia De Camps, Hrishi Bardhan, Roya Alidjani
Executive Producer: Frances Rubio
Director of Photography: Cece Chan
Editor: Hrishi Bardhan
Production Designer: Amira Stone, Victoria Marton
Composer: Hunter Hanson
Sound Designer: Ailin Gong
Music: Sash

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