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Sa Paglupad Ka Banog

Directed by Elvert Bañares

A Panay Bukidnon old man and his son sit in a bonfire one evening when the latter looked very sad, prompting the father to tell a portion of the Suguidanon Epic of the indigenous Panay Bukidnon people, narrating a fantasy tale of hope and bravery.

Director: Elvert Bañares
Writer: Jesus Insilada (Story & Screenplay). Elvert Bañares (Story)
Producer: Elvert Bañares, Jesus Insilada
Executive Producer: Jerry P. Treñas, Eric Divinagracia, Jobert
Director of Photography: Elvert Bañares
Editor: Elvert Bañares
Production Designer: Elvert Bañares, Sabrec
Composer: Romulo Caballero, Jay Pope Larroza, Rennel Lavilla
Sound Designer: Elvert Bañares
Music: Romulo Caballero, Jay Pope Larroza, Rennel Lavilla
Cast: Romulo Caballero, Romulo C. Caballero, Jashem Rosh C. Padernal, Aleck Jeanne P. Calata, Angelo Orosco, Freya Jell C. Arreglo, John Julian Muñiz, Aaron Dave Escobido, Rowen Delopines, Lordjane C. Dordas, Erlinda Caballero, Rennel Lavilla

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Take a trip from Fiji to the Philippines with these cinematic reflections from indigenous voices from different parts of the globe.

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Directors Guild of America

Thu, May 5
5:00 pm