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Directed by Jess Dang

Filmmakers in attendance. Film program will be followed by Q&A

Surrender is the story of Naomi, a young Asian female who continues to wrestle with her past family trauma. As Naomi attempts to regain a sense of control, she is drawn back into the world of Blackjack after abstaining for 100 days.

Director: Jess Dang
Writer: Jess Dang
Producer: Darren Rae, Graehme Middleton
Director of Photography: Bryan Rubén Mendoza
Editor: Faroukh Virani
Production Designer: Sarah Frances Holmes
Composer: Alexis Marsh, Samuel Jones
Sound Designer: Qianbaihui Yang, Kimberly Patrick
Music: Alexis Marsh, Samuel Jones
Cast: Andrea Bang, Keiko Agena, Alexis Rhee, Brian Yang, Brielle Santos, Sook Hyung Yang, Grace Shen, Brian Yang



Directed by Renuka Jeyapalan

After being snubbed from a promotion she was wishing for, Grace joins her friend for a night out.

Dates & Times


Directors Guild of America

Sat, May 7
8:00 pm