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Directed by Kaidi ZHAN

Ray and Dio, father and son, work the day and night shifts. Both reticent and emotionless. On Tomb Sweeping Day, Ray gets lost in the columbarium since no one told him where their ancestors’ urns are placed. When Dio sees his father from behind, he realises how useless he is…

Director: Kaidi Zhan
Writer: Kaidi Zhan
Producer: Adiong Lu, Bo-Tsun Kuo
Executive Producer: Liao Ching-sung
Director of Photography: Lee Ling
Editor: Tom LIN, Kaidi Zhan
Production Designer: Lin Wu
Composer: Ned Young
Sound Designer: Chan Hon Bong
Cast: Lin Ju, Huang Shao-yang

Dates & Times


Directors Guild of America

Sun, May 8
7:00 pm