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Directed by Nicole Mairose Dizon

Filmmakers in attendance. Film program will be followed by Q&A

While painting, Ciara Morena, an insecure folk artist, runs out of paint. At the art store, she hesitates on darker paint after remembering mom’s opposition to darkness. Fed up with triggers, Ciara uses skin whitening cream and hallucinates her ancestor. With side effects, she must rush before it erases her…

Director: Nicole Mairose Dizon
Writer: Nicole Mairose Dizon
Executive Producer: Loren Maxine, Nicole Mairose Dizon
Director of Photography: Tim Toda
Editor: Calvin Chin
Composer: Jaimie Pangan
Sound Designer: Stefan LaToure
Cast: Alex Tobias, Sid Mascardo, Rachanee Lumayno, Florence Mae, Nancy Rumagit, Arnold Horn, Niko De La Rosa, Anna Sugiura, Diana Paraiso

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Prepare the balikbayan box full of tissues with these films celebrating histories, heritage, and values through stories on the Philippine diaspora at home and abroad.

Dates & Times


2220 Arts + Archives

Tue, May 10
7:00 pm