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Directed by Sanjna Bharadwaj

Filmmakers in attendance. Film program will be followed by Q&A

Anagha Narayan is your average eighth grader. She’s a people pleaser, she’s insecure, and she wants nothing more than to have clear skin. Her life changes drastically when she wishes on a fallen eyelash and her wish is granted: she has the clearest skin she’s ever had.

Director: Sanjna Bharadwaj
Writer: Sanjna Bharadwaj
Producer: Sanjna Bharadwaj
Executive Producer: Sanjna Bharadwaj
Director of Photography: Sanjna Bharadwaj
Editor: Sanjna Bharadwaj
Production Designer: Sanjna Bharadwaj
Composer: Kanoa Ichiyanagi, Chris Lee
Sound Designer: Ben Huff
Music: Bobby Baritone
Cast: Isa Hanssen, Natalie O’Brien, Jonni Phillips, Dave Owens, Colleen Sinclair, Ollie Wollerman, Ty Wilson, Kevin Alters, Isabella Spadone, Denise Peraza, Wesley Fuh, Dax Wong, Sanjna Bharadwaj

Plays in


Frame by frame. Pose by pose. Pixel by pixel. These are drawings that move and drawings that move us.

Dates & Times


Directors Guild of America

Sat, May 7
11:00 am