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Counterflow: Currents In New Filipina/o Music

Cinema Musica Presents

Filmmakers in attendance.

A visual mixtape experience featuring against the grain music from the Philippines from artists redefining and reworking the contemporary Filipina/o music landscape. A video companion to the Counterflow: Currents In New Filipina/o Music playlist. – Joel Quizon

Co-presented with Community Partners: GABRIELA USA, SIPA, This Filipino American Life

In this program

“Acheron” by Moki McFly

Directed by Gym Lumbera

Music video for “Acheron” by Moki McFly

“bbgirl” by BP Valenzuela ft. No Rome and August Wahh

Directed by Rome Gomez

Music video for “bbgirl” by BP Valenzuela (ft. No Rome and August Wahh)

“Cards” by BP Valenzuela

Directed by Apa Agbayani

Music video for “Cards” by BP Valenzuela (feat. CRWN)

“Galatians 5.4” by similarobjects

Directed by Dominic Bekaert

Music video for “GALATIANS 5.4” by similarobjects

“Honey (Where U At?)” by NVTHVN x ok2222

Directed by Juliet Bryant

Music video for “Honey (Where U at?)” by NVTHVN x ok2222

“Huemans” by dot.jaime

Directed by Jaime San Juan

Music video for “Huemans” about artist Jecko Magallon featuring music by dot.jaime

“Limbo” by Calix (Feat. JamySyks)

Directed by Alrik Daniel Metrio

Music video for “Limbo” by Calix (Feat. JamySyks)


Directed by Barkada Worldwide

Profiles of Manila artists CRWN, RHXANDERS, and LUSTBASS created by indie music label Barkada Worldwide.

“Mkmehl” by similarobjects

Directed by Raymond Teraoka Dacones

Music video for “Mkmehl” by similarobjects

“No Fun” by Eyedress

Directed by Julius Valledor

Eyedress burns his face off and skates around Manila.

“Reflektions” by spaaawn

Directed by Jaime San Juan

A visual representation of the differences between two identical twins.

“See You In My Dreams” by Aira

Directed by Cobbie Karagdag

Music video for “See You In My Dreams” by Aira


Directed by Angela Stephenson

Manila’s underground music scene is unearthed to reveal what motivates local artists and how they navigate an oppressive government regime and its violent war on drugs.

“Tonight!” by Ruru

Directed by Robin Estargo

Ruru navigates the lonesome Filipino commute, as she dances and latches onto a transforming bedroom that manifests Philippine metropolitan transport and nightlife imagination.

“Upset” by Teenage Granny

Directed by Martika Ramirez Escobar

A boy and his younger brother search for an ocean in the city.

Dates & Times


Downtown Independent

Sat, May 4
9:00 pm