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“See You In My Dreams” by Aira

Directed by Cobbie Karagdag

“See You In My Dreams” is a sweet, heart melting track about being in a long distance relationship with someone and how the psychadelic world of dreams become your meeting place and paradise.

Director, Director of Photography, Editor: Cobbie Karagdag
Singer, Songwriter: Aira
Music Producer: Matthew George
First Assistant Manager: Caryl Trabadillo
Producer: Kc Salazar
Drone Operator: Marc Janro Abian
Editor: Katrina Tan

Plays in

Counterflow: Currents In New Filipina/o Music

A visual mixtape experience featuring against the grain music from the Philippines from artists redefining and reworking the contemporary Filipina/o music landscape. A video companion to the Counterflow playlist.

Dates & Times


Downtown Independent

Sat, May 4
9:00 pm