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Directed by Gabriel Gabriel Garble

Cast: Gabriel Gabriel Garble

Newly orphaned and freshly wounded from an immense loss, a boy lends his companion a prosthetic arm for the day. The companion would then expose the prosthetic limb to a mélange of textures and materials, whilst documenting the whole process. As the moon inches closer and closer towards the sun, the boy sees something unusual reflected on the water’s surface… What will become of the limb and of the video recordings?

A slow and meditative film about everyday gestures of love, communicated through our universal understanding of body language. From the movement of sinking sand particles in a pulsing current – down to the swaying of each blade of grass rolling into one another in a gush of wind, every element is individually animated to draw attention to the animism behind the everyday and its position in our daily lives, no matter how seemingly insignificant they might appear to be.

Come, be present with the boy, and join him on his journey where you’ll get to discover the immanence of trees… birds… bee… laundry… and find out what the boy does with all his GoPro footage.

Writer: Gabriel Gabriel Garble
Producer: Gabriel Gabriel Garble
Executive Producer: Gabriel Gabriel Garble
Director of Photography: Gabriel Gabriel Garble
Editor: Gabriel Gabriel Garble
Production Designer: Gabriel Gabriel Garble
Composer: Gabriel Gabriel Garble
Sound Designer: Gabriel Gabriel Garble
Music: Gabriel Gabriel Garble

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Discarded dreams. Forgotten memories. Missing pieces. These animated films will be where we put it all back together again.

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