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Directed by Conrad Lihilihi

Cast: Cody Gomes, Gina Evangalisti, Krista Alvarez, Rian Basilio

After moving from Hawai’i to LA with her toxic boyfriend to pursue her dreams, Shannon is stuck between a rock and a hard place as her growing success begins to unearth deep insecurities and trauma which leads to deadly circumstances.

Writer: Conrad Lihilihi
Producer: Rian Basilio, Jess T. Johnson, Jomar Miranda, Laiku Soares
Executive Producer: Conrad Lihilihi
Director of Photography: Nathaniel Elegino
Editor: Conrad Lihilihi
Production Designer: Jess T. Johnson
Composer: Teesa Houston
Sound Designer: Teddy Salas
Music: Teesa Houston

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There are 476 million Indigenous people around the world; a vast majority of their homelands are connected to the Asian American ans NHPI communities that we serve.

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