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Directed by Keliʻi Grace

Cast: Jayron Munoz, Kaipo Dudoit

Filmmakers in attendance. Film program will be followed by Q&A.

Keli’i Grace (Director, ALA MOANA BOYS) returns to the festival with a touching tale of High School crushes, cultural preservation and more. MY PARTNER, Grace’s Feature Directorial Debut, follows two high school boys from different social worlds who experience romantic feelings for each other. The film features powerful performances from Kaipo Dudoit and Jayron Munoz as the two local boys from Hawaii.

Director: Keliʻi Grace
Writer: Lance D. Collins, Alexander Deedy, Sean Dunnington
Producer: Keliʻi Grace, Jess T. Johnston, Jana Park Moore, Daryl Fujiwara
Executive Producer: Lance D. Collins
Director of Photography: Brock Ladd
Editor: Keliʻi Grace
Production Designer: Jess T. Johnston

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