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Directed by Julia Morizawa

Cast: Erika Ishii, Julia Morizawa, Miya Kodama, Thomas Isao Morinaka

Komoro, Japan, 1956. 10-year-old Sumiko chases a red dragonfly through her family’s farm while her mother, Yoshiko, watches from a distance. Tokyo, 1945. Yoshiko, her husband, Susumu, and their baby boy, Kiyoshi, are forced to evacuate their home when hundreds of B-29 bombers drop incendiary bombs on the city, erupting into a massive fire.

Writer: Julia Morizawa
Producer: Julia Morizawa
Executive Producer: Julia Morizawa, Brian Sturges, James Babbin, John Titchenal, Lucas A. Ferrara, Derek Kolterman, Christopher Luk
Animation Director: Maria Marta Linero
Lead Animator: Eva Benitez
Production Designer:
Composer: Aiko Fukushima
Sound Designer: Giorgia Garcia-Moreno

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