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Presented at the DGA Lobby and in Little Tokyo
Group listening event 6:00p on Thursday, May 12 at the Japanese American National Museum plaza, or find the app at to tune in anytime you are in Little Tokyo.

More than 10,000 Japanese Americans were incarcerated at Manzanar during World War II. Many of them were forcibly relocated from homes in Los Angeles’s Little Tokyo neighborhood. This interactive documentary experience layers voices from Manzanar’s past and present over the physical landscape, and interweaves them with present-day stories of displacement and injustice. In an audio augmented reality installation in Little Tokyo, participants are invited to explore these voices and record their own stories, creating a living document of resistance, resilience, and community.

Halsey Burgund is a sound artist and technologist whose work focuses on the combination of modern technologies – from mobile phones to artificial intelligence – with fundamentally human “technologies”, primarily language, music and the spoken voice.

Sue Ding is a documentary filmmaker and artist based in Los Angeles. Her work explores identity, storytelling, and visual culture, and can be found on PBS, The New York Times, and Netflix.


Director: Halsey Burgund, Sue Ding
Designer: Sharanya Durvasula