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Directed by Gauri Adelkar

Rosa, caregiver and sole companion of Sophia – an elderly woman with dementia – wants to send a gift to her ailing mother in the Philippines. She can only step out when relieved by Sophia’s daughter, Jen. When Jen cancels, Rosa must decide if she will leave Sophia unattended.

Director: Gauri Adelkar
Writer: Gauri Adelkar
Producer: Apoorva Charan
Executive Producer: Dea Vazquez, Francisco Velasquez
Director of Photography: Andrea Gonzales Mereles
Editor: Katelyn Wright
Composer: Yizi Xu
Sound Designer: Jason Dotta
Music: Yizi Xu
Cast: Princess Punzalan, Sharron Shayne

Plays in


In a unique filmmaker support initiative between Visual Communications and HBO, we present the finalist films from the fifth annual HBO MAX APA Visionaries Short Film Competition, which exemplified this year’s competition theme of “Power of Love.”