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Directed by Norikazu Oda

Online Presentation. Filmmakers in attendance. Film program will be followed by Q&A

“kodomobanpaku” (Child World Fair) is an event for children by children. Izumi Morishita, along with her friend Yuri, decide to organize aK”kodomobanpaku” out in the countryside where they live. After gathering their friends, and collecting funds, how will it turn out just with children!?

Director: Norikazu Oda
Writer: Norikazu Oda
Producer: Ken Kamura, Hiromu Eguchi, Kento Nakai
Director of Photography: Kaisei Iwao
Music: Tusbasa Tachikawa
Cast: Momoha Asumi, MOMOHA, Yun Kosugi, Takeshi Nakamura

Dates & Times


Virtual Cinema

Thu, May 12
5:00 pm