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Directed by Mitchel Merrick

Filmmakers in attendance. Film program will be followed by Q&A

An aging Hawaiian War Veteran grapples with the nightmares of his past, and the even scarier thought of being forgotten. One night, he hears a familiar voice calling him from the beach, and what he encounters is beyond anything he could have imagined.

Director: Mitchel Merrick
Writer: Lopaka Kapanui, Mitchel Merrick
Producer: Leanne K Ferrer, Cheryl Hirasa, Caleigh Dillion, Lopaka Kapanui, Jason Cutinella, Brian Keaulana
Executive Producer: Gerard Elmore, Darrin Kaneshiro
Director of Photography: Gerard Elmore
Editor: Mitchel Merrick
Production Designer: Kaitlyn Ledzian
Composer: Johnny Helm
Sound Designer: One Thousand Birds, Hayley Livingston, Alex Berner-Coe, Guin Frehling, Kira MacKnight
Music: Johnny Helm
Cast: Ed Dearmore, Mason Manuma, Keenan Chung, Angie Anderson, Jordan Salud, Bronson Varde, Russell Satele, Joey Palupe, Ikaika Rogerson, Pili Josue

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Through various frames and points of view, we are brought closer to encountering an ancient Pacific past.

Dates & Times


Directors Guild of America

Sat, May 7
4:00 pm

Directors Guild of America

Sun, May 8
12:00 pm