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fire in the water, fire in the sky

Directed by Mīria George

Tia has always survived – but in turn she has forgotten how to dance. Sisters Tia and Ina are far from home. Tia is steadfast and protective of free-spirited Ina. A story of migration, fire in the water, fire in the sky is a statement inspired by climate change.

Director: Mīria George
Writer: Mīria George
Producer: Hone Kouka
Executive Producer: Hone Kouka
Director of Photography: Elise Lanigan
Editor: Lala Rolls
Production Designer:
Composer: Karnan Saba
Sound Designer: Trent Williams
Cast: Evotia-Rose Araiti, Te Hau Winitana, Samoana Nokise

Plays in


A collection of dance films in which bodies—powerful, precarious, feeling, and knowing—move us.

Dates & Times


Aratani Theatre @ JACCC

Thu, May 12
7:00 pm