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Directed by Achim Mendoza

Filmmakers in attendance. Film program will be followed by Q&A

Anton, a frustrated Filipino musician, uploads a song he’s been working on social media. However, when an unauthorized French cover of his song goes viral, Anton attempts to reach out to his rival, but immediately encounters a linguistic and cultural barrier.

Director: Achim Mendoza
Writer: Achim Mendoza
Producer: Justin Chor Yu Liu
Director of Photography: Dai Leyi
Editor: Justin Chor Yu Liu
Production Designer: Dai Leyi
Composer: Jaimie Pangan, Johann Mendoza
Sound Designer: Achim Mendoza
Music: Jaimie Pangan
Cast: Jorik Katalbas, Jonathan von Mering

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Prepare the balikbayan box full of tissues with these films celebrating histories, heritage, and values through stories on the Philippine diaspora at home and abroad.

Dates & Times


2220 Arts + Archives

Tue, May 10
7:00 pm