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beautiful country


Directed by Jess X. Snow

Shot in three hours during the height of pandemic, this film focuses on a moment in an Asian American couple’s long distance relationship, as they confront the violence happening toward their community in ways that break them apart. A meditation on distance, grief, the digital news cycle and their limits.

Director: Jess X. Snow
Writer: Jess X. Snow, Akemi Look
Producer: Jess X. Snow
Director of Photography: Elo Santa Maria
Editor: PJ Wyderka
Cast: Nathan Singhapok, Akemi Look, Treya Lam
Music: Nathan Singhapok
VFX: Sam Motamedi
Sound Design and Mix: PJ Wyderka

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Films of love, new beginnings, will make you recall. That we’re here to witness, we really don’t know life at all.

Dates & Times


Directors Guild of America

Sun, May 8
5:00 pm