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Directed by Bradley Tangonan

Filmmakers in attendance. Film program will be followed by Q&A

On the verge of eviction, a Native Hawaiian woman is hired by a mysterious sculptor to retrieve sacred stones from a riverbed deep in the forests of Hawaiʻi. This film is a modern myth about alienation from the land and the consequences of denying our connection to it.

Director: Bradley Tangonan
Writer: Bradley Tangonan
Producer: Rea Chupek, Joshua Lee, Briana Smith
Executive Producer: Pacific Islanders in Communications
Director of Photography: Michael Tanji
Editor: Liz Deegan
Production Designer: Kat Wong
Composer: Zak Engel
Sound Designer: One Thousand Birds, Torin Geller, Hayley Livingston
Music: Zak Engel and Three Plus
Cast: Danielle Zalopany, Joe McGinn, Rey Payumo



Directed by Anthony Banua-Simon

FREE PROGRAM | An examination of the past and present of the Hawaiian island of Kauaʻi.


Directed by Alexandre Berman, Olivier Pollet

FREE PROGRAM | An extraordinary revolution leading up to the potential creation of the world’s newest nation in Bougainville, Papua New Guinea.

Plays in

Spirited Away

Guided by shamans and ancestral spirits, we traverse the line between the living and the dead, tradition and transformation, fiction and non-fiction. — Udval Altangerel

Pacific Cinewaves Shorts

FREE PROGRAM | The waves of the ocean have generously sustained many Pasifika cultures across the globe. From a contemporary reflection of ancestral connection and creativity, to a piece that celebrates a true story of a Hawaiian hero, these short films carry on the beloved practice of storytelling to the big screen. — Eseel Borlasa