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About Our Art

Cathleen Abalos is the artist behind the 37th Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival’s key art. Featured in her digital illustration is a purple sky background with white swirls and stars. In front of blue mountains is a silhouette of buildings with colorful windows in Downtown Los Angeles. In front of the buildings are three women: a Native Hawaiian woman, a Hmong woman, and a Muslim woman.

In creating the artwork, Cathleen said, “I knew I wanted to have the area Downtown Los Angeles as the backdrop. There’s something iconic and romantic about a city skyline. It’s one of the defining images of a city. When I added the skyline, I wanted it to represent growth, the hustle, moving up, and beyond. I wanted a group of women so that they could represent different ethnicities as well as show camaraderie and community. To me, community is integral. No person can go through this world alone. A community of family, friends, coworkers, etc. is essential to someone’s success in life.”

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