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Super ‘80s: Greatest Hits From VC’s Filmmakers Development Program


As a pioneer in small-format, community-based mediamaking during the 1980s, Visual Communications supported a new generation of emerging artists who lacked the access to a traditional film school program. The result, as seen in this program of works that included a major production produced beyond the classroom but with weighty things on its mind, was nervy, at times awkward, but full of spirit and vision.
– Abraham Ferrer


E-Z ROCK: ASIAN AMERICAN BREAK-DANCER (Stann Nakazono / 1985 / 10 mins)
JOSE: THE ARTIST (Evangeline Galicia / 1985 / 7 mins)
SHIMON (Kaz Takeuchi / 1989 / 27 mins)
TEACH THEM WELL (Diana Yamashiro / 1989 / 15 mins)
YAMAGUCHI-SENSEI (Roland Hazama / 1989 / 10 mins)

This program is part of Visual Communications’ CENTERING THE MASSES series at 341 FSN. For exact running order of shorts programs and to learn more, visit

Dates & Times


341 FSN

Sun, May 5
1:00 pm