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Directed by Wesley Fuh

Yoko follows a female sumo in Tokyo as she enters an amateur tournament, and fights just to get her into the ring. She is pitted against Yama, the biggest sumo in the tournament, but is his size the biggest threat to her sumo?

Director: Wesley Fuh
Composer: Cooper Babbes
Sound Designer: Paul Michael Cardon
Cast: Grace Li, Hesed Kim

Plays in

Kids Shorts (Not the Kind You Wear)

FREE PROGRAM | Stories of courage, determination, fascinations, and plain old hunger. The will of the young and the young at heart is strong. Selected by the family team of Glenda Gamboa, Children’s Librarian and mom, Kamayo Quizon, Pre-Teen Movie Aficionado and son, and Joel Quizon, the dad. — Joel Quizon

Dates & Times


Aratani Theatre @ JACCC

Sun, May 5
11:00 am