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Directed by Hammad Rizvi

Filmmakers in attendance.

Rani is a socially outcast transgender woman who sets out to take care of an abandoned child. Set on the streets of Pakistan, she is determined to do the right thing amid waves of challenges.

Director, Writer: Hammad Rizvi
Producer: Hammad Rizvi, Akbar Allana, Sara Siddiqi
Director of Photography: Osman Rafique
Assistant Producer: Omema Nasir
Music Composer: Rameez Anwar
Cast: Kami Sid, Maaz Khan, Hina Pathani

Plays in

Blooming Colors

With a myriad of new voices emerging in queer cinema and a deep desire to move beyond the traditional coming out narrative, LGBTQ filmmaking is breaking new ground. Sexy, heart breaking, visceral, and even funny, join us and immerse yourself in these colorful worlds. – Trent Nakamura

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