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Directed by Eusong Lee

Filmmakers in attendance.

To Earth, Sun represents a physical and practical form of love while Moon represents the emotional and platonic form of love. This film presents the fragile balance between different kinds of love through the relationship between three celestial bodies – Earth, Moon, and Sun.

Director: Eusong Lee
Producer: Sarah Kambara
Executive Producer: Kevin Dart, Alex Hirsch
Composer: David Kamp
Background Design & Color: Jasmin Lai, Lauren Zurcher
Animation Director: Natan Moura
Compositing Director: Stéphane Coëdel
Produced In Association With: Chromosphere La

Plays in

WWYD (What Would You Do?)

Pixelated glimpse of some of the intimate moments of life. From a panicked search for a missing child, to the remnants of loss and war; this collection of live action, experimental, and animated works poignantly asks, “What would you do?” — Annie Liang & Eseel Borlasa

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