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Directed by Na'alehu Anthony

Filmmakers in attendance.

In 1976 the Polynesian Voyaging Society launched Hōkūleʻa, a deep sea voyaging canoe, into the Polynesia on a quest of cultural revivalism. Since then the crew of Hōkūleʻa has inspired and educated generations of navigators and crew who embark on a historic Mālama Honua, “to care for our Earth”, Worldwide voyage.

MOANANUIĀKEA: ONE OCEAN. ONE PEOPLE. ONE CANOE. joins the apprentice navigators and their mentors onboard thanks to director and official crew member Nā’ālehu Anthony and ‘ We are alongside the crew members as they brave open waters and the elements to bring their message of stewardship to over 150 on their circumnavigation of “Island Earth.” Hōkūleʻa aims to reach and connect “the greatest navigators of earth, not just sea-farers, but those that are leading the way to bring kindness and compassion to earth.” It is a bold project that acknowledges the state of our global environment and the challenges for the future of our planet.

MOANANUIĀKEA: ONE OCEAN. ONE PEOPLE. ONE CANOE. celebrates the historic Worldwide Voyage that connected countless individuals and communities from around the globe. A voyage that also represented the fulfillment of the vision of Nainoa Thompson and his contemporaries, the passing of the mantle to the next generation of kānaka maoli who will retain the skills of their ancestors and perpetuate this tradition for generations to come. It is truly incredible to see the resurgence of a people and their culture, and the decolonization of mind, body and spirit. LAAPFF is honored to share this experience and story with fellow voyagers of Island Earth. —Micki Davis and Anderson Le

Co-presented with Community Partners: Free Radicals

Director: NaʻAlehu Anthony
Writer: Bryson Hoe
Producer: NaʻAlehu Anthony, Bryson Hoe, Maui Tauotaha
Editor: Maui Tauotaha

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Tateuchi Democracy Forum @ JANM

Sun, May 5
12:00 pm