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Directed by Isue Shin

Filmmakers in attendance.

MEN HELPING WOMEN explores the way male artists abuse their positions of power in lieu of mentorship. Maybe they don’t know what they’re doing? But maybe they do. A male monologue loosely consisting of “apologies” amidst sexual assault allegations is spoken back to- and this time we’re not afraid.

Director, Writer: Isue Shin
Assistant Director: Derek Miranda
Sound Designer: Nate Burke
Colorist: Christopher Ripley
Cast: Niru Anya, Sam Rubinek, Dara Emery

Plays in

Armed With a Camera vol. 2019

Visual Communications is proud to guide the next generation of storytellers in visualizing their amazing stories through the Armed With a Camera Fellowship. Watch these films that range from a documentary on a mother’s reconciliation with her cancer prognosis, to a visionary experimental representation of toxic masculinity, to a narrative of estranged brothers coming together for the first time in wake of a family crisis. — Milton Liu

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