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Directed by Mahaliyah Ayla O

Heavily inspired by the Orlando nightclub shooting, the writer/director, who is also a mass shooting survivor and a lesbian, made her MFA thesis film about a closeted medical student named Saba, who risks being outed to her family when she is targeted in a mass shooting at a gay nightclub.

Director, Writer: Mahaliyah Ayla O
Producer: Mahaliyah Ayla O, Vita Amore
Co-Producer: Janice Duncan
Director of Photography: Ayinde Anderson
Editor: Steven Markowitz
1st Assistant Director: Sherry Y. Shi
Sound Designer: Charles Moody
Production Designer: Erin Lunsford
Original Music: Jongnic Bontemps
Line Producer: Mayra Cardona

Plays in

Blooming Colors

With a myriad of new voices emerging in queer cinema and a deep desire to move beyond the traditional coming out narrative, LGBTQ filmmaking is breaking new ground. Sexy, heart breaking, visceral, and even funny, join us and immerse yourself in these colorful worlds. – Trent Nakamura

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