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Directed by Carol Shubin

Filmmakers in attendance.

A young man questions his purpose in life. A battle within himself to continue on the path he is on that is safe and secure, or letting everything go and live the life his heart is telling him to pursue. He receives his answer in a most unconventional way.

Director, Writer, Cinematographer: Carol Shubin
Producer: Barbara Kagawa Shore, Kevin Shore
Cinematographer: Barbara Kagawa Shore, Kevin Shore
Editor: Kevin Shore
Original Music: Josh Shore
Cast: Ryan Nearhoff, Tracy Quan-Nichols

Plays in

Digital Histories 2019: Ideas, Observations, and Inspirations

H.G. Wells said that “Human history, in essence, is the history of ideas.” Digital Histories brings the unique perspectives of our older adult filmmakers and allows them to share their personal, yet universal ideas through their art. Death, camaraderie, displacement, personal passions, belonging, and the appreciation of the little things are given light through imaginative, thoughtful, and sometimes experimental ruminations on life lived today. — Joel Quizon

Dates & Times


Aratani Theatre @ JACCC

Sun, May 5
2:00 pm