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Directed by Reginald Espiritu

Filmmakers in attendance.

An African-American teenager must sneak out of his girlfriend’s house without getting caught by her cop-father.

Director, Writer: Reginald Espiritu
Producer: Raeshib Aggerwhil
Director of Photography: Jon Pham
Editor: Ankur Agrawal
Production Designer: Monah Xuto
Chief Lighting Technician: Collin Lindsey
Score Composer: E.S. Puche
Cast: Joseph Covino, Andie Mueller, Taylor Rivers

Plays in

The Space Between

It’s more than a lyric in a Dave Matthews song – it’s the name of a short film program line-up! More importantly, it defines the emotional rhythms and themes reverberating through these films; each featuring mysterious forces that attract and repel us, sometimes affecting disparate beings in the most unlikely ways. – Faroukh Virani

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