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Directed by Mahya Shakibnia-Shirazi

Mina is looking forward to her high school graduation — and especially to seeing her sister from Tehran who plans to attend the milestone event. When the Muslim Travel Ban goes into effect and keeps the sister from visiting, Mina’s friend has an idea to cheer her up.

Director, Writer: Mahya Shakibnia-Shirazi
Director of Photography: Cambria Matlow
Artistic Director: Musa Syeed
Cast: Mahya Shakibnia-Shirazi, Hana Omrane

Plays in

From Visions to Reel: Finding Home

FREE PROGRAM | Is home a place, a person, a moment in time, a favorite meal? Finding Home showcases the Asian and Asian American experience from the point of view of young, emerging filmmakers. Find out what home means to the next generation of must-see Asian American and Pacific Islander talent. -Trent Nakamura

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Downtown Independent

Sat, May 4
11:00 am