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Directed by Monica Cho

Filmmakers in attendance.

The film explores the gap between immigrants who leave their identities behind to adapt to a foreign country, versus their children, who as second generations, freely pursue what they want. GLORIOUS MRS. KIM raises questions on if the Internet’s community-building nature can be relevant for older immigrants and LGBTQ acceptance.

Director, Writer, Producer, Production Designer: Monica Cho
Director of Photography: Brian Nguyen
Assistant Director: Imane Souabni
Production Designer: Richard Haywood
Editor: Arden Grier
Gaffer: Corey Cao Nguyen
Makeup, Hair: Summer Sun
Consultant: John Frost
Cast: Crystal Lee, Kit Dezolt

Plays in

The Tipping Point

Little things can make a big difference. Watch how these female-driven films – although short – will make you laugh, cry, gasp, or fall out of your chair. Your evening won’t be the same. – Dorothy Xiao

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