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母 • 緣

Directed by Natalie A. Chao

A poetic exploration of the camera’s gaze and a family’s relationship with the filmmaker’s mother.

Director: Natalie A. Chao
Writer: Natalie A. Chao
Producer: Natalie A. Chao
Director of Photography: Natalie A. Chao, Stephanie A. Chao
Editor: Natalie A. Chao
Composer: Cheryl Chow
Sound Designer: Cheryl Chow, Natalie A. Chao
Music: John Russell, Jonah Sanchez, Jonathan Ricks

Plays in

End of an Era

Memories flood the screen through home videos, a school yearbook, a sweet shop, and more. These non-fiction shorts turn a kind gaze upon different communities in the moments of uncertainty and transformation. — Udval Altangerel

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