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Directed by Nirav Bhakta

Filmmakers in attendance. Film program will be followed by Q&A

After the trigger of a hate crime, an undocumented convenience store clerk enters into his subconscious, plummeting through reality, memory, and imagination as he grieves the death of his father.

Director, Writer: Nirav Bhakta
Executive Producer: Visual Communications, Shivaani Sharma
Director of Photography: Samudranil Chatterjee
Producer: Kelsey Fordham, Keertana Sastry, Alexcina Figueroa
Composer: Dhruv Goel
Cast: Nirav Bhakta, Rohan Singh, Asit Vyas

Plays in

Armed With a Camera vol. 2020

FREE PROGRAM | Visual Communications is proud to host an encore presentation of the projects from last year’s Armed With a Camera (AWC) Fellowship. Each work is a stunning invitation into poignant reflections on family ties and cultural identities.

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