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Directed by Hang Nguyen

Filmmakers in attendance. Film program will be followed by Q&A

Alex fakes orgasms because she’s never had one. After her queer, sexually enlightened housemate pushes her to “get to know her pussy better,” Alex reluctantly enrolls in a class to get more in touch with her body.

Director: Hang Nguyen
Writer: Hang Nguyen
Producer: Sagan Chen, Jackie Schwartz, Harry Aspinwall, Iya Megre, Hang Nguyen
Director of Photography: Katherine Castro
Editor: Harry Aspinwall
Production Designer: Grace Agnew, Mathilde Suissa
Composer: Ngawang Samphel
Sound Designer: Jasmin Klinger
Cast: Kathy Huynh-Phan, Sagan Chen, Julie-Ann Earls, Eva Reign, Carolina Do, Futaba Shioda, Zo Tipp

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If you’re invited to “hang and watch a movie,” it might be more than just a movie. These new series explore the hilarious nuance of sex & relationships. — Eseel Borlasa

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