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Directed by Ernest Lesmana

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Sri, a young woman, takes her mother weekly to a dukun – the equivalent of a shaman – to seek treatment for what seems to be black magic-induced blindness.

Director: Ernest Lesmana
Writer: Ernest Lesmana
Producer: Jennifer Octivana, Nonie Pahmi
Director of Photography: Fajar Ridho Ilahi
Editor: Hasan Hanafie
Production Designer: Jessie Chang
Composer: Carol Kuswanto
Sound Designer: Gibran Yusuf
Cast: Vonny Anggraini, Anne Yasmine, Johannes de Britto

Plays in

I’ll Tell You When You’re Older

Films of people trying to live together as family, at the risk of perishing together as fools. As these films take hold, what would you keep and let go? — Kirby Peñafiel

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