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Directed by Katia Barricklow

Filmmakers in attendance. Film program will be followed by Q&A

Living on the mainland, the filmmaker’s family wrestles with the pain of diaspora and longs to reconnect with their culture. This film tells a personal and national story about pride and resilience. It is also a voice from the past that demands to be heard and awakens a new historical narrative.

Director: Katia Kalei Barricklow
Writer: Katia Kalei Barricklow, Devin Kawailani Barricklow
Producer: Katia Kalei Barricklow
Director of Photography: Katia Kalei Barricklow
Editor: Katia Kalei Barricklow
Sound Designer: Katia Kalei Barricklow
Music: Katia Kalei Barricklow
Cast: Daphne Kawailani Mroz, Denise Kawailani Barricklow, Devin Kawailani Barricklow, Samantha White

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Pacific Cinewaves Shorts

FREE PROGRAM | The waves of the ocean have generously sustained many Pasifika cultures across the globe. From a contemporary reflection of ancestral connection and creativity, to a piece that celebrates a true story of a Hawaiian hero, these short films carry on the beloved practice of storytelling to the big screen. — Eseel Borlasa

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