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Directed by Shaun Vivaris

Filmmakers in attendance. Film program will be followed by Q&A

An alumnus of Visual Communications’ Armed With a Camera Fellowship, Shaun Vivaris’s feature directorial debut is a genre-bending paranoiac comedy following Dominic Mayeda, a real estate businessman, who chose a real bad day to have a mid-life crisis. Worried that his wife is about to leave him, he bails on their scheduled business trip and rushes to confide in his friend and enabler Jorge. What follows is a drug-fueled spiral of paranoia and delusion involving divorce lawyers, private investigators, and maybe even a demon. — Marvin Yueh

Director: Shaun Vivaris
Writer: Shaun Vivaris
Producer: Sultan Pirzhan Uulu, Kristin Nomura
Executive Producer: Glen Vivaris
Director of Photography: Grant Bell
Editor: Reu Jo Saen Ronquillo, Shaun Vivaris
Production Designer: Ernesto Ramos
Composer: Ian Chen
Cast: Tenzin Dhondup, Carlos Flores, Minji Chang, Olivia Day

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