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Directed by Kyle Nieva

During a bible camp, J.C., a prepubescent boy, slowly learns of his special role in the impending apocalypse. As he participates in the camp activities, he gets confused between constantly emerging sexual fantasies and his divine calling.

Director: Kyle Nieva
Writer: Kyle Nieva
Producer: Carlo Francisco Manatad, Kyle Nieva, Gian Carlo Librojo, Krizzia Nieva
Executive Producer: Kyle Nieva
Director of Photography: Tey Clamor
Editor: Carlo Francisco Manatad, Kyle Nieva
Production Designer: Alvin Francisco
Composer: Len Calvo
Sound Designer: Tey Clamor
Music: Len Calvo
Cast: Mystica, Alexis Negrite, Ces Aldaba

Plays in

After Dark

It’s past your bedtime, and you can’t fall asleep. Sneak out and stay up late with these films that will intrude your comfort. Settle in, it’s gonna get ridiculous. — Kirby Peñafiel

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