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Directed by Eve Liu

Filmmakers in attendance. Film program will be followed by Q&A

On the verge of death, a Woman with No Name falls into a mystical land between the East and West. There, she encounters a gang of mythical Chinese cowboys known as “The Chinamen,” gatekeepers for the bones of all Chinese Americans who have died in the West.

Director: Eve Liu
Writer: Eve Liu
Producer: Alex Bendo, Grant Hyun
Executive Producer: Sean Park
Director of Photography: Mingjue Hu
Editor: Eve Liu
Production Designer: Eve Liu
Composer: Bryan Patrick
Sound Designer: Paul Hsu
Cast: Karen Zheng, Jonathan Ohye, Craig Ng, Mao Sun

Plays in

After Dark

It’s past your bedtime, and you can’t fall asleep. Sneak out and stay up late with these films that will intrude your comfort. Settle in, it’s gonna get ridiculous. — Kirby Peñafiel

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