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Directed by Sammay Dizon

Filmmakers in attendance. Film program will be followed by Q&A

HINGA is a performance ritual film and time capsule honoring the sacred grief, life force, and resiliency of the Bay Area Filipinx community during COVID-19. It is centered around the loss of beloved social justice warrior Amado Khaya, whose legacy transcends the limitations of time, materiality, and geographical borders.

Director: Sammay Dizon
Writer: Sammay Dizon
Producer: Sammay Dizon
Executive Producer: Sammay Dizon
Director of Photography: Kat Gorospe Cole
Editor: Kat Gorospe Cole
Composer: Josh Icban
Sound Designer: Josh Icban
Music: Josh Icban
Cast: Amihan, Earl Alfred Paus, Lisa Suguitan Melnick, Malaya Redondiez, Nickel Rivera, Sammay Dizon, Solitaire M., Terrence Paschal

Plays in

Spirited Away

Guided by shamans and ancestral spirits, we traverse the line between the living and the dead, tradition and transformation, fiction and non-fiction. — Udval Altangerel

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