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Directed by Sean Wang

Filmmakers in attendance. Film program will be followed by Q&A

H.A.G.S. is a documentary short that combines imagery from the filmmaker’s middle school yearbook with phone calls from some of his oldest childhood friends. They weave together a portrait of adolescence and growing up, told through the lens of first-generation, Asian American, children of immigrants.

Director: Sean Wang
Producer: Sean Wang
Executive Producer: Adam Ellick, Lindsay Crouse
Editor: Sean Wang
Composer: Giosuè Greco
Sound Designer: Jackie! Zhou
Music: Giosuè Greco
Cast: Way Chen, Fahad Manzur, Danial Awan, Karina Paonessa, Terilyn Tran, Sohrab Nawim, Sean Wang

Plays in

End of an Era

Memories flood the screen through home videos, a school yearbook, a sweet shop, and more. These non-fiction shorts turn a kind gaze upon different communities in the moments of uncertainty and transformation. — Udval Altangerel

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