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Filmmakers in attendance. Film program will be followed by Q&A

A dance film exploring ending violence and generating healing through embodiment, intimacy, and ancestral creativity. Four Pacific Islander and Asian cultural groups were invited to dance the stories of gender-based violence survivors.

Director: Dakota Camacho
Director of Photography: Futsum Tsegai
Editor: Futsum Tsegai
Composer: Nic Masangkay
Sound Designer: Nic Masangkay
Cast: Roldy Aguero Ablao, Nitika Arora, So’le Celestial, Prathamesh Chavan, Arielle Fontelera, Marie Gawad, Kalei’okalani Matsui, Matthew Pena, Sharanya Raju, Katie Sasuga, Itsa Shash, Brandi Shears, Guro John Soriano, Katy Spada, Lourdez Puti’on Velasco, Bhargavi Venkataraman, Priyanka J. Vora

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Pacific Cinewaves Shorts

FREE PROGRAM | The waves of the ocean have generously sustained many Pasifika cultures across the globe. From a contemporary reflection of ancestral connection and creativity, to a piece that celebrates a true story of a Hawaiian hero, these short films carry on the beloved practice of storytelling to the big screen. — Eseel Borlasa

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