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Directed by Jennifer Ngo

Filmmakers in attendance. Film program will be followed by Q&A

FACELESS dives right into the Hong Kong streets in 2019, as heavily armored police look to crush masked students calling for democratic reforms. Showcasing guerilla video shot by protesters, director Jennifer Ngo’s riveting documentary tracks black-clad students as they organize, demonstrate, and then melt away in a sea of anonymity. While shocking footage of brutal police assaults abounds, including during the siege of Polytechnic University, Ngo also laces her film with testimonials from several “faceless” activists, identified only by noms de guerre such as “The Believer” and “The Daughter.” Uncompromising and honest about the costs of conviction, FACELESS is political filmmaking at its most direct and powerful. — Ryan Wu

Director: Jennifer Ngo
Producer: Lorraine Ma
Editor: Samuel Rong
Director of Photography: Scott Clotworthy
Cinematographer: Stanley Leung
Associate Producer: Christopher Niem

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