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Directed by Sharmila Ray

Filmmakers in attendance. Film program will be followed by Q&A

While drifting though Arizona, James encounters guru Sita and her group of devotees. He is initially unimpressed by her presence. Fate brings Sita back into James’s view and through a few intimate encounters, shows James the light to a new path.

Director: Sharmila Ray
Writer: Sharmila Ray
Producer: Matthew Keene Smith, Sharmila Ray, Kinsey, Reena Ray, Livi Nichols, Harmony Bailey
Executive Producer: Sharmila Ray
Director of Photography: Kinsey
Editor: Sharmila Ray
Production Designer: Prerna Chawla
Composer: Benjamin Figueroa
Sound Designer: Jeremy Barr
Music: Anthony Trujillo
Cast: Kausar Mohammed, David Huynh, Mike Butler

Plays in

Taking Space

A collection of perspectives that reflect the power and various outcomes of taking space and impacting the immediate world around us. — Eseel Borlasa

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