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Directed by Sujata Day

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Young Monica Chowdry (Sujata Day, who does the hat trick of writer, director, and star) was an Indian parent’s paragon of a child: beautiful, smart, artistic, and a Scribbs Spelling Bee champion. Now that she has grown up, her overachieving self prophecy is more of what you would expect from the prototypical aimless slacker: she is still single, lives at home caring for her ailing mother, and works part-time as a spelling tutor. When her estranged brother suddenly shows up in “Prodigal Son” fashion, her life gets complicated. Can the bickering siblings set aside their differences to help mom prepare for the anniversary of their dad’s death? Or will years of bottled up emotions finally tear this close knit family apart?

Sujata Day, known for her roles in INSECURE, COWBOY AND INDIAN, and THE MISADVENTURES OF AWKWARD BLACK GIRL, turns in an exemplary directorial debut. DEFINITION PLEASE is an endearing, at times hilarious, and lighthearted look about growing up and defining oneself. Set in Day’s own hometown, the film feels very much like a personal project, but also very relatable. Day’s performance is bolstered by a solid supporting cast, and the result is a touching film that is full of heart.  — Anderson Le

Director: Sujata Day
Writer: Sujata Day
Producer: Sujata Day, Cameron Fife, Datari Turner, Ritesh Rajan
Executive Producer: Rey Cuerdo, Ahmad Cory Jurbran, Hiren C. Surti, Dan Evans, Lamont Magee,
Director of Photography: Brooks Ludwick
Editor: Emilie Aubrey, Niles Howard
Production Designer: Kaitlin McHugh
Composer: Amanda Jones
Sound Designer: Malcolm Fife
Music: Amanda Jones
Cast: Sujata Day, Ritesh Rajan, Anna Khaja, Jake Choi, Lalaine

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