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Directed by Shruti Parekh

Filmmakers in attendance. Film program will be followed by Q&A

On the afternoon before a rare lunar eclipse, 13-year-old Maya prepares to go to her first high school party with her best friend, until she discovers she’s started her period. Navigating shock and embarrassment, Maya decides how to move forward as she comes to terms with this new rite of passage.

Director: Shruti Parekh
Writer: Shruti Parekh
Producer: Melissa Scicluna, Shruti Parekh
Director of Photography: Yichi Zhang
Editor: Shruti Parekh
Production Designer: Carlee Craig
Composer: Wil-Dog Abers
Sound Designer: Shruti Parekh
Music: Wil-Dog Abers, Ashni Davé
Cast: Megh Basu, Deepti Gupta, Amber Romero, Shawn Denegre-Vaught, Sandra Bowes, Jacob Cherry, Madelyn Davis, Achintya Pandey, Alexandra Ruiz, Amber Li, Kendale Winbush, Cynthia Alvarez, Emily Clark, Christine Auger-Zivic, Gamon Sanchez, Carlee Craig, Gurparsad Thind

Plays in

Taking Space

A collection of perspectives that reflect the power and various outcomes of taking space and impacting the immediate world around us. — Eseel Borlasa

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