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Directed by Sushma Khadepaun

Anita, a young Indian living in the U.S., returns to India for her sister’s wedding. She counts on her husband’s support to announce some great news. All excited, her family immediately assumes Anita is having a baby, but their joy is short-lived.

Director: Sushma Khadepaun
Writer: Sushma Khadepaun
Producer: Ankur Singh
Director of Photography: Nikhil Arolkar
Editor: Will Mayo, Sushma Khadepaun
Composer: Mehul Surti
Sound Designer: Savitha Nambrath Qazi
Music: Mehul Surti
Cast: Aditi Vasudev, Mitra Gadhvi, Sanjivani Sathe, Nikhil Dave, Bhakti Maniar, Deep Sheth

Plays in

Taking Space

A collection of perspectives that reflect the power and various outcomes of taking space and impacting the immediate world around us. — Eseel Borlasa

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